holler.live Inline Voting Development Instructions

This site is a reference to be used by website developers, and/or people who make regular updates to websites, who need to include our voting app in their website.

holler.live Inline Tag Highlighter


  1. You will need a holler.live dashboard login account to access our dashboard and create your topics: dashboard.holler.live
  2. Add the following line to the bottom of your page just above the closing body tag
  3. Add the following style sheet in to the head tag of your page:
  4. For each item you want to enable voting on, simple wrap the text in a span with the "holler" class:
    1. Extended options available to this tag to alter the user experience are: (you can use more than one option on the same tag)
    2. (this will force the page to presented in Bulgarian. This can be any 2 letter language code from the set: 'en', 'bg', 'nl', 'ru', 'hy', 'fr', 'de', 'es', 'pt', 'gr')
    3. (this is true by default, setting this false will allow further voting on other topics)
  5. You can go to the holler.live dashboard to access your vote stats: dashboard.holler.live


  1. An article pulled from novinite.com about Overgas: Overgas example